About Diego

Diego CalarcoDiego Walter Calarco was born in 1974 in Buenos Aires . He started early to study tango as a young boy, and went on stage for the first time in 1989. Among his teachers: Juan Carlos Copes who invited Diego to join his company “Escuela Integral del Tango Danza” (together with Geraldine Rojas, Andrea and Gabriel Missé, Johana Copes); Eduardo Aguimbau (with his that time assistants Gustavo Naveira, Fabian Salas, Celia Blanco); Antonio Todaro.
In 1991 Diego got the second place at First Tango National Festival in Buenos Aires.
In 1996 Diego worked at”La noche con amigos” TV program, and in 1997 started teaching tango and milonga at Escuela Superior de Danza and Luz y Fuerza teather in Buenos Aires.
In 2000 Diego moved to London and taught together with Carlos Gavito y Marcela Duran.
Diego CalarcoIn 2002 Diego continued his professional career as maestro and artist director in Italy opening his “Escuela de Tango Argentino”. Over the last years he taught to hundreds of students of each levels, while creating, as coreographer and dancer a lot of tango shows, above all “Eternamente Tango”, “El Tango…La Historia” and “Piazzolla e il Tango Palermo-Buenos Aires”. He also danced at many relevant events and for musicians such as Giuseppe Milici and Mari Salvato.
Diego usually come back every year to Buenos Aires for further study about tango nuevo dynamics , new experimentations, and tango salon.
In 2005 he got the teaching master in Canyengue from Luis Gordona and Mirta Sol.
Nowdays, Diego continues teaching all around Sicily, and abroad in London, Japan, Bulgary and many other nations.
Diego Calarco e Marzia Di Franco

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